Why the change?


Now more than ever is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. We don’t want to forget who we are or what we’ve achieved. We just want to be even better!


It’s a chance to refocus our identity and state exactly who and what we stand for!


What’s changing and what’s not?




Importantly our Mindbody booking and payment system will remain the same. 


However membership options have been updated. 


You will need to inform us which membership option you will like to be placed on before the 28th of June.


Classes, Timetable + Standards


Initially we will be running a reduced timetable with shorter class times and smaller class numbers to ensure your safety.


Eventually we will offer four classes Metcon, Strength, HIIT, Gymnastics and Fundamentals.


All classes will be on offer to existing members. However, we will be enforcing stricter movement standards within the Metcon classes. We may encourage members to revisit some of these movements in 1-2-1 sessions.


Any new member will need to have a movement assessment prior to participating in a Metcon class. 


ClassPass users will only have access to HIIT and Strength classes.


Community and Values


No change to our community or values! 


We have created an amazing community over the last two years and we cannot thank you enough for your support, generosity and loyalty throughout this unprecedented time.


We are excited about what the future holds in store and look forward to tackling it head on with you!