All of our classes are fully coached from start to finish and can be tailored to any ability level. Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, we’ll give you a great workout every time you come to class! 


These are high-intensity metabolic conditioning sessions. They will challenge you both physically and mentally through various forms of equipment and movements. Movement standards are stricter in these classes with a greater focus on competition.


These sessions are designed for all regardless of age, ability or fitness level. They will introduce movements and techniques used in our speciality classes whilst still giving you a quality workout.


Designed to improve your performance with compound movements and accessory work for improved strength and stabilisation. Sessions will draw on barbell movements, strong man training and functional bodybuilding.


Chasing RX? These sessions are aimed at the complex gymnastics movements used in more complex workouts. Handstands, Pull-ups, Muscle Ups to name but a few.


New to training or just want to build your confidence? These are smaller classes which cover fundamental movements and allow more 1-2-1 coaching.